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Hayley Williams

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Hayley Williams
Date of Birth27 December 1988, Meridian, Mississippi, USABirth NameHayley Nichole WilliamsNicknameSpongebob Hbomb Hayleyball Hayles Height5’ 2” (1.57 m)Trade Mark Unique and different clothing Forever changing bright hair colours Gap between her two front teeth Trivia Plays guitar, piano and vocals for rock band Paramore. Was in a 3-year relationship with Josh Farro, guitarist of band Paramore. Recorded her first song at the age of 15. Good friend of Taylor Swift. She has five tattoos...

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Pregnant and FatPregnant and Fat! Ned Fox Sally was ashamed and humiliated! She had become pregnant with a guy she was dating, he turned out to be a narcissistic jerk ... Jillian Hall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jillian Faye Hall (born Jillian Faye Fletcher ; September 6, 1980) is a American professional wrestler and singer best known for her time in World Wrestling ...